Amsterdam self catering – Things to do in Amsterdam


One unmistakable feature of Amsterdam is its canals. Some 160 of these waterways crisscross the city and its surrounds, dividing it into approximately 90 mini islands. This network of islands is joined together by a vast number of bridges, totaling over 1,000. While most of its canals are suitable only for barges and pleasurecraft, some waterways, for example, the North Holland Canal, are large enough to accommodate ocean-going vessels.

Another thing Amsterdam isn't short of is pubs. With well over 1,000 to its name, Amsterdam is a drinker's paradise. Draught pils seems to be the drink of choice, with Holland's most famous liquid exports, Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch, in plentiful supply. The generally favorable weather also makes beer gardens popular with tourists and locals alike.

Whilst not famous for its cuisine, Amsterdam today boasts as wide a selection of restaurants and eateries as any major city. Outside influences have helped shape the variety of dishes available. Culinary delights range from the Mediterranean to the Middle East. Bear in mind though, that the Dutch tend to eat earlier than in other European countries: many restaurants won't serve past 10pm.

Tulips are one of Holland's most famous trademarks. Vast tulip fields dot many parts of this country's reclaimed land, providing a beautiful vista amongst the windmills and canals.

City Attractions

Our Amsterdam apartments are close to many of the city's main attractions:

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